On Friday, April 21, 2017, a debate was held at the Instituto de Empresa (IE) headquarters in Madrid, where various profiles of society were represented (youth, youth organizations, politicians, experts, etc.) that could positively influence the outcome of ideas, reflections and solutions to the challenge proposed: How can youth organizations impact childhood policies?

The day was addressed through innovation methodologies. Design Thinking tools and concepts were used with the purpose of encouraging the participation of all attendees, extracting all their ideas and obtaining possible solutions to the challenge posed.

UNICEF & Opinno

The day was separated into two main phases. The first of which consisted of a Focus Group dynamic. The discussion was supervised by moderators, who were asked to formulate different open-ended questions in order to facilitate discussion and obtain different views from the participants. In the second phase, from the key ideas drawn from the open debate, specific challenges were raised that were analyzed in depth by smaller working groups. Each group worked on its challenge from a concrete framework defined by a specific profile (archetype), its motivations and needs. The solution they developed for the challenge had to answer these elements.

The activity concluded with a brainstorming dynamic in which several possible solutions were obtained for each of the proposed challenges and according to the defined profiles or archetypes.