Leading the Transformation of Humanity: People as the Center of Technological Evolution

Emtech is the largest and the most prestigious conference on emerging technologies in the world. It is an incredible convergence of our world’s latest emerging technologies that will help shape our future.

This year, we designed a unique and dynamic space for tech, business, and culture to converge and form opportunities that are driving the changes of our new global economy. Over the course of two days, we heard from 30 national and international experts who showcased the latest advances in technology with a common focus: The Human Dimensions.

For this 2017 edition of EmTech France, workshops were designed to meet several objectives. One of the workshops was about how to "Alleviate Traffic and Encourage Sustainable Transport Through Digital Technologies and Gamification."

Participants were introduced to the workshop topic through a brief presentation of real world, state-sponsored Integrated Mobility Management Architecture (IMMA) initiatives which have already reduced traffic congestion in Holland’s busiest cities by 20% through the application of digital technologies and gamification methods aimed at informing and influencing user behaviors.

Participants identified the importance of citizen centered solutions that impact both the development of new business opportunities for companies as well as improve the mobility without damaging the environment.

Emtech 2017