At the Opinno headquarters last week we celebrated the 9th edition of a training program in Digital Marketing and Branding in collaboration with Generation Spain, of McKinsey Company. The course took place in the IFE the company training institute in Calle Pedro Salinas, Madrid.

Generation is a worldwide company program based in 5 countries: India, the U.S.A., Kenya, Mexico and Spain. Their mission is to bridge the skills gap for the young unemployed internationally and prepare them for work. This figure is estimated to be in the range of a staggering 75 million young people.

Opinno has been involved in organizing the training programme in digital marketing and branding for its Spanish division, Generation Spain. The course objective, in general, is to harness the potential of the national youth workforce and increase their chances of gainful employment by national and international companies. A more particular focus it is to listen to participants’ ideas and assess their strategies for realizing those ideas. The under-30s have a fresh and innovative vision of potential business ideas and the training course provides an ideal context for talent spotting the digital leaders of the future.



The course included a range modules promoting business learning concepts like: Brand Positioning – where and how a product develops a market identity; how to organize media campaigns to promote a product; Search Engine Optimisation; Search Engine Marketing; and brand creation. All exciting and essential state-of-the-art business skills for the digital age.

Participants had a 20-minute slot in which to present their ideas to the judges. The five different groups pitched a range of strategies to representatives from a diverse group of Spanish companies:


  • Tot-Em

  • Enjabonarte

  • Viena Capellanes

  • Atrapalo

  • Ale-hop