The entertainment industry provides many opportunities to create new, useful and attractive channels. Karaoke (Japanese word meaning "the orchestra plays without a singer") is an ancient social activity that has occured over the years, driven by technology, as an ideal activity at group meetings and parties. However, in the past, karaoke has required a number of technical and visual elements that have not been accessible and affordable to all. So, if a group wanted to do karaoke, it was necessary "to hire a team or karaoke service" or find a karaoke bar.

Miguel Ferreira had an idea in 2005 when during a party, he realized that everyone "wanted to sing" and didn't have a Karaoke machine on hand. Two years later, he founded Red Karaoke.

The team at Red Karaoke "loves to sing" and that's the reason why they have created the first online karaoke platform and multi-device, which allows a single account to be accessed and enjoyed on any device with an Internet connection. In addition, Red Karaoke has the functionality of recording each session and sharing the session online.



Red Karaoke has combined innovation and technology, content, a team with proven experience in the sector, trusted investors who have believed in the project and top partners in order to get to where they are today.

Since 2012, we are one of Red Karaoke's investors.

Additionally, throughout it's development, Red Karaoke has received an equity loan from ENISA, a CDTI credit and help with internationalization from ICEX.

With allies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, and others, Red Karaoke has developed:

  • A website which allows online singing and recording in order to share audio and video with other users.
  • Change tones tools in the online karaoke version and sound effects and advanced  equalizer on the web and mobile.
  • An automatic recommendation tool which suggests what to sing according to preferences and socio-demographic profile.
  • A system of favorites, playlists and wide playback mode designed to facilitate fun.
  • Services in 3 different languages​​, English, Spanish and Japanese.
  • The option to sing witha 3D avatar (Virtua Sing)
  • Apps for mobile and tablet platforms iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Apps for SmartTV with Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Google TV and other brands.
  • A proprietary application for Windows 8 in collaboration with Microsoft.
  • An application in HTML 5 valid for use on any device.

In its content strategy, Red Karaoke opted for quantity in order to offer the most extensive catalog on the market, which launches 20 new songs each week. They have also created a recommendation system based on the information of each user. This is a very useful tool to help choose between a wide variety of songs.

And in the world of downloads... it's 100% legal. Red Karaoke has licenses and agreements with copyright management institutions of and record companies in the countries where they operate.

Red Karaoke’s R & D team, based in Logroño (La Rioja) continues to create new capabilities to meet their primary goal: to create a singing and sharing experience.