The company conducted the comprehensive management of the launch of ‘C@mbio’ in Mexico that brought together 300 participants

Internet, with all the information and services that it contains in a single click, represents one of the greatest technological revolutions in history. The impact that this revolution has had on the world and people, has been analyzed by the book C@mbio, from BBVA's Open Mind platform. To introduce this project to society, the bank has relied on Opinno to manage the presentation of the book in Mexico.

The event took place last December at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City. More than 300 members of the investigative elite from the Latin American country attended the event to learn the results firsthand. The presentation was attended by three of the 19 experts who wrote the corresponding tests collected by the book.

The event consisted of a coffee presentation, a broad debate with international speakers on the impacts of internet and a subsequent networking space including catering for attendees. Opinno was responsible for managing the entire event. It also chose the moderator, falling upon the journalist from El Imparcial Sergio Sarmiento.

Opinno’s work in producing events started in 2011, when it was responsible for the celebration of the first EmTech emerging technologies meeting in Spain. This event belongs to MIT Technology Review magazine Spanish edition, of which Opinno owns a publication licence.

Since then, the company has continued to organize this meeting in Spain and in other countries including México itself, where Opinno has already conducted two editions.

The experience gained by the company over the years by holding these meetings isn’t just shown in production but is also reflected in the wide network of contacts acquired over time. Production Director Opinno, Teresa Martin, said: "BBVA wanted an event with researchers and student accelerators and has trusted us because of the solvency we have demonstrated on numerous occasions."

The graphics promotional materials that were delivered at the event were also the responsibility of Opinno. To reach as many people as possible, the company developed a pen-drive with the book in PDF that attendees received as a gift.

The success of the presentation has motivated BBVA to trust Opinno again for future events. "The aim of BBVA was to make sure that the book became known in Mexico and, thanks to this event, it was achieved," says Martin.

It is not the first time that Opinno has been responsible for producing an event for external customers, as it has already demonstrated its organizational capacity in other events like the last IE Business School's Alumni Forum. These meetings are part of the Opinno’s philosophy to promote society’s awareness of technology and how it can change the world.