Always keep society, the environment and the large consequences of your innovation in mind

At Opinno we think that the world in which we live rests on the discoveries of very few people. The invention of vaccines, electricity, the explosion engine or telecommunications originates in special people. One of our functions from is to help find these unique people, wherever they are and accelerate their path to success because we know that thousands of us will live longer and better thanks to their inventions.

The methodologies that we use in our day-to-day work as innovation consultants are proving to be very useful in development projects. From we work to adapt these methodologies to social projects and to research and disseminate best practices in innovation to help development specialists and entrepreneurs in emerging economies develop projects with greater impact.


Dreams are best achieved if we are well accompanied. That is why we work to build communities, connecting innovators all over the world and helping their stories to be known all over the world.


Meet our Board


Emmanuel Djengue

Emmanuel Djengue

Emmanuel is a professional specialized in the world of insurance, where he has helped companies in the sector to face operational reviews, design evaluations, and digital transformation processes. He has also worked as a Marketing, Strategy and Digital Communication consultant, developing social media workshops for insurance companies in the latter area. Emmanuel has a Master in International Management from the IAE of Lille (France) and a Master's degree in International Marketing from Université Catholique de Lille (France). He is a founding member of thinkersu35, speaks fluent English, Spanish and French. Emmanuel is part of the Global Shapers community a network of people driving dialogue, action and change.


Suzanne Balima

Suzanne has a degree in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa; her love of learning and gusto for new & diverse experiences led her to pursue an exchange in Singapore during the course of her studies. In her role as a Technology Consultant, Suzanne has worked with public and private sector clients. One of her highlights was working on the implementation of the digital insurance provider Sonnet from a functional perspective. She has also done some strategy work with non-profits and start-ups.